Hypnosis against dental fear, fear of needles and relaxation - what you should know about it!

Today, dental hypnosis is recognized as scientific and medical therapy in many cases. Being rediscovered as a very effective and natural therapy technique in many fields, we make use of dental hypnosis successfully for 12 years and in many different ways.

Every day, we experience many reasons, especially in dentistry, for a treatment with hypnosis.

Particularly the popular dental fears cause an increased demand for dental hypnosis.

During hypnosis we are even able to treat patients, whose fears caused them many years of pain and trouble finding the right therapy. With these patients, we do fortunately the best experiences and the most beautiful and lasting results.

For example, hypnosis helps in:

  • fear of dental treatment up to dental phobia
  • toothaches
  • fear of needles
  • intolerance of anesthetics
  • long, several-hour treatments in which all teeth are treated
  • gag reflex
  • to reduce stress and
  • tobacco withdrawal

There is no reason not to conduct a routine investigation or prophylaxis session under hypnosis. The perception of an entire dental treatment during the hypnosis is much more pleasant, relaxed and almost stressless.

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis motivates the patient to avert his concentration of the environment and causes an immersion into a dreamlike inner happening. With us, you experience hypnosis in a relaxed, calm atmosphere – a fascinating fantasy trip, where stimuli from the outside are reinterpreted, so they do not burden your consciousness.
Depending on the depth of relaxation you will feel very awake and alive. In trance, all your senses remain active and you will be concentrated. So you will not do anything, which possibly might be contrary to your beliefs. You will be in total control and only you decide how deep or far you want to go. For example, if you want to keep a secret, you will not tell us and keep it to yourself.

Your immune system and wound healing are stimulated in trance, your subconscious will be addressed and activated, with the objective of your rapid and painless healing.

Who can be treated in hypnosis?

Most people opinion about hypnosis is: "That does not work for me." Contrary, to this very frequent self-assessment, longstanding research results confirm, that 80% of the studied respond very well, 10% well and 10% of the studied are difficult or impossible to hypnotize.

The hypnotic ability depends especially on a person's power of imagination and concentration. There are simple tests, that allow to draw conclusions, on how well you can be hypnotized. You can also evaluate yourself: if you ever have been fascinated so much by reading a book or been captured on an exciting movie, that you did not sensed the outside world anymore, or if you ever arrived with your car but could not remember the trip, you have already experienced trances.

Are there risks and contraindications?

There is a small risk, that due to internal resistance or a lack of concentration ability of the patient, the hypnosis does not work.

Some people are afraid not to wake up from the trance ... but without any reason ... even if we could not wake you up from the trance, you would slide into a light sleep and you wake up as though nothing had happened.

How much is a treatment in hypnosis?

The cost of hypnosis is determined by the required time.

In general, most patients can be treated in the very first hypnosis. Some patients also decide to get to know hypnosis before the dental treatment. There will also be a written agreement including an individual treatment plan and hypnosis concept before we start the treatment.

Which costs bears the statutory health insurance?

The statutory health insurance do not cover these costs. They are calculated as a private service according to the time required.

However, the out-of-pocket payment for hypnosis is much lower than it would be for general anaesthetic. Comparatively, there are also much less side effects and risks.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team, if you are interested in a treatment under hypnosis or if you have any further questions.

We wish you a relaxed dental treatment!



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